03 December, 2011

Christmas Decorations #3

Here is my last post for today, he he. And here I would like to show you how to make a Christmas tree garland for decoration of a house or a Christmas tree.  

Step 1. Fold wrappping paper like a fan.

 Step 2. Make sure that folded paper is a little bit smaller than a die. 

 Step 3. Use NS MFD015.

Step 4. Unfold paper very carefully to a garland.

Step 5. Use the rest of a cut out paper for a docoration or gift wrapping :)

Visit Kortgleder's Advent Calender for more Christmas inspiration!

1 comment:

knopkiniukai said...

nu labai krutai, gaila neturiu tokios eglutes , bet reik gal pabandyti is to ka turiu :)
liuks !!!