30 June, 2009

Album from pizza packages

Hello there! Here is my new project, he he... My current album got sooooooo big that I decided to remove 10 folders from it. But then I had a challenge where to put those 10 folders left with old LOs. The inspiration came when I saw two pizza packages I brought from Sweden, he he... They were exactly the size I needed! Here is the result - my new scrap-album.
As I said before I took tops of the pizza packages for covers, from outside I used some soft material to make a soft feeling when touching. I covered it with flax material from Ålliens shop, added some flax ribbon and flax braid, and wooden accessories... Simple as it is. Inside I used the stripe from 'old' album, glued it to the surface. I had no metal rings, so used some flax braid to tie folders with LOs in.
And here are pizza packages before using it, he he...
Have a good and creative day!

28 June, 2009

Skissedilla skisse #13

Here is my LO for skissedilla skisse #13. Hopefuly it will be accounted for participating. Yeap, I was a little bit late... and of course my computer got stuck, internet stop working and blogger decided to go against me as well, he he... But here it is... "Looking for the bright future" LO.

24 June, 2009

Table-card from jeans label

Hello there! First of all I wanna say hello to girls who joined my blog - labas merginos! Nice to see you here. Hope you are enjoying my creative works.

Here is my new scrap-work. It is a table-card for my dear husband. He always wanted something scrapped for himself, so now he can enjoy something cute, faminine and dear from me. Just I hope it will not be lost under the pile of working papers, he he...

Ulrika is 6month in a photo. Sorry for a wry picture, in reality the card is straight, he he...
Here you can see how it is bent. Picture from a side.
And here is a back side of it. It will stand on a table next to the window, so I had to make nice backside also, he he...
And at the end I would like to mention, that this table-card is made from a jeans label (you know, when you by jeans, they have this big carstock label sewed to it), he he...

Have a good and creative day!

10 June, 2009

Sukkersøtt challenge #44

Hei again! Here is a card for http://sukkersott.blogspot.com/ challenge #44. An anniversary card with the flower-heart. Paper from -Nille, flowers from loppemarked, he he. Ribbon from Ålliens, nice pink material - an old blouse, he he...
On other side I made a small pocket for money or a congrat tag.
Have a good and creative day!

Skissedilla skisse #12

Here is my LO for the skissedilla skisse #12. The LO is called "Our princess' whims". She was only 10 months old when we saw the first signs of our pricess' whims. She always had this facial expression when she did not get what she wanted, he he...

Birthday envelope-card and a friendship card from toilet paper roll

Here is a card I made for my dearest friend for her birthday. I tried to combine a card with an envelope. I am glad with the result, he he...
And inside there are congratulations and wishes...

Ant this is a friendship card from a toilet paper roll.
From the back:
And a tag-card inside:

Have a good and creative day!

Njuter av sommertider

Hei alle sammen! Here is my new very summer-like LO, he he... The title says: "enjoying summer time".

Sukkersøtt challenge #43

Here is my new card made for Sukkersøtt challenge #43. Sweet birthday card for someone precious...
And this is a 'skisse'. This time I tried to do it quite similar, he he...
Have a good and creative day!
Here is my new LO "Butterfly kisses". The last sunday was Lithuanian Daddy's Day. As we are an international family, we are trying to celebrate all special days. Yeap, there are a lot of days to celebrate, he he... So, this LO is for my dear husband, my daugther's daddy.
In the corner under the "kisses" a small pocket is hiding with a letter with a poem in it. The poem is takken from the song "Butterfly kisses" (if you click on it, you can hear the song).

08 June, 2009

Skissedilla skisse #11

My new LO is made on skisse #11 from Skissedilla . Why can I not? - these sad eyes of our little princess help her get what she wants, he he...

Have a good and creative day!

07 June, 2009

A card from Toilet paper roll

Here is a card made from a tiolet paper roll. Yes yes, that's right! Toilet paper roll! I saw this idea in Sonjas blog and could not resist to try to make it, he he... This card is made for my dear friends - they are celebrating 16 years anniversary! Amazing! Congratulations!
This is a tagg from inside the card.
This is another side of the tagg were the text will be written...

03 June, 2009

Two cards - 'Smile' and 'Livet er'

And yes, I made some cards :) Started to enjoy making cards, he he...Those are without any recipient...yet :) They ment to be on the card challenge last month on Vintage Affair, but I managed to finish them only now, he he...
Hello there! Here I am finally back on track. I've been slightly busy lately, had no time to do any scrapbooking. But here I am again, with a new simple LO about our family vacations last year. Ulrika was only 8month old, but liked it very much. We travelled around 3000km in 7days. Destination: Oslo-Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund-Oslo. Along the way we have visited some more excited areas, mountain roads, waterfalls, monuments, bridges, etc. Norway is sooooo beautiful!!!

This LO is made on Prima's transperency. Under it I used a map of Norway as a background and marked the main roads we visited with a red pen. I painted details on transperency with acrylic paint. I am sorry for such a picture, but it is sooo difficult to make a picture of transperency without reflections...

Have a good and creative day!