26 December, 2011

Triangle Candy Boxes

Hello there!

Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!!!! 

Holidays are here and that is one of the resons I am still without a normal internet. I could not post anything for a while, but now at least I can show you something, he he...

First, a Christmas candy box made for WOC last challenge this year - Christmas friendship

And secondly, I would like to show you two boxes, made from diamond shape dies NS MFD 021 from Kortgleder's

Template for this box you can create using diamond die NS MFD021, and it looks like that:

Using the same template, just removing one of the diamond shapes, you can create a triangle diamond shape box as well.

Have a nice holidays! 

Hugs to all of you!

05 December, 2011

A box with an easel card

Hello everyone!

Here is my new project for a new challenge at Wild Orchid Crafts, and this time it is all about EASEL CARD. I made a box with an easel card on a top of it. Enjoy!

I used form WOC:
- Carnations
- Sweetheart blossoms
- Roses 10mm
- Self adhesive pearls
- Stamens
- Organza rose trim

Today is also the 5th day at Kortgleder's Advent Calendar

I used from Kortgleder:
- NS MFD015
- Text stamp fra NS Ollie's
- Picture from NS FEMA004 

Have a nice and creative day!

03 December, 2011

Christmas Decorations #3

Here is my last post for today, he he. And here I would like to show you how to make a Christmas tree garland for decoration of a house or a Christmas tree.  

Step 1. Fold wrappping paper like a fan.

 Step 2. Make sure that folded paper is a little bit smaller than a die. 

 Step 3. Use NS MFD015.

Step 4. Unfold paper very carefully to a garland.

Step 5. Use the rest of a cut out paper for a docoration or gift wrapping :)

Visit Kortgleder's Advent Calender for more Christmas inspiration!

Christmas Decorations #2.

Hello again! Here are some more of Christmas decorations:

Christmas tree decorations from diamond dies NS MFD021.

One more post will be from me today with more Christmas decorations. Stay tunned! ;)

Christmas tree decorations #1

Today is the 3rd day in Kortgleder's Advent Calendar and it is my day to show you my creaitons. Today I will show you a few Christmas Tree decorations, and the first post is a tutorial for Christmas tree balls.  

You need only:
- NS MFD011
- Brads
- Silk paper
- Thread
- Glue
- Glitter

 Step 1. Fold together many layers of silk paper and use MFD011 die. 

 Step 2. Use a brad to hold layers together. 

Step 3. Start with separating the layers from each other and fold towards the center. 

Step 4. This side is done.

 Step 5. Continue with other side.

 Step 6. Both sides are now ready. 

 Step 7. Tie a thread around the center.

Step 8. Prepare glue and glitter. First role the ball into the glue and then into a glitter.

Step 9. Hang a ball and let it dry. 

That's how you may do different sizes and shapes of Christmas tree balls. 

Later today I will show more Christmas tree decorations. Stay with us!

02 December, 2011

A Red Gift Box

Hello everyone!

Here is my new project - a red gift box. Enjoy!

For this box I used: 

- Curly wild roses 45mm
- Open roses 15mm
- Cherry blossoms
- Aster daisy
- Rosebuds 5mm
- Green mulberry paper rose leaves 15mm
- Pearl spray
- Venise lace
- Self adhesive pearls

And for those, who would like to make such a box for themself, here is a template:

Have a wonderful and creative day!

21 November, 2011

Christmas Sleigh With a Tag

Hei everyone!

Today is a day, when a new challenge is announced at WOC challenge blog and this time it is CHILD'S  CHRISTMAS. I made a Christmas sleigh with a Christmas tree tag. 

I used from WOC:
- Poinsettias large and small
- Metal embelishments
- Stamens
- Jute string
- Pearl brad

And for this creation I used form Kortgleder:

- NS MFD015 Christmas tree dies - I love them!
- Storyteller tekst 
- Foam tape
- Foam pads
- Doublesided tape
- Stamppad

As well, I want to remind you to participate in Kortgleder's challenge for this month HERE. This month is non-square Christmas card. 

Even more wonderful news! Kortgleder has a BLOG CANDY!!! 

Do not miss opportunity to participate and win!!! Its only uptil the end of November! Hurry up!

And have a wonderful and creative day!

19 November, 2011

A Christmas Box

Hi there! A new creation from me - a Christmas Box.

I used from WOC:
- Poinsettias white Large
- Poinsettias red 3cm
- Metal embelishments - corners
- Wooden shape embelishments
- Divine twine
- Red Stamens 
- Self adhesive pearls

I used form Kortgleder:
- NS MFD008
-NS MFD023
- Tekst fra Storyteller
- Foam tape 2mm
- Dounle sided tape 

Have a wonderful day!

07 November, 2011

Christmas card/tag

Hello everyone!

There is a new challenge at Wild Orchid Crafts - BROWN and BLUE! For inspirations, please visit WOC blog

As well this month Kortgleder has a challenge - non-square Cristmas card. Do not forget to participate!

And here is my contribution:

I used from Kortgleder:
- NS dies MFD009
- tekst from WRS CL201
- birdie from NS CT004
- foam pads 5x5x1,5mm
- foam tape 1.5mm

I used from WOC:
- Roses 10mm
- Carnations
- Sweetheart blossoms
- White stamens
- Metal embelishments
- Jute string
- Self adhesive pearls
- Large pearl brad

Have a wonderful day!

21 October, 2011

Template for a piano card

Hello there!

Lately I've got so many requests about a template for a piano card, that I decided to make it and show it here. I did not write any sizes, as it depends, how big you want it. 

Short explanation:

1. Cardstock paper to make a card stable. 
2. You need two of those: one is black for back side of a piano, and second - note paper inside.
3. Black top part of a piano with opening. Larger part is glued on a cardstock and covered with note paper, when the opening is on a top. The marked spot is for a stick to keep it open.
4. The edge around a card, except a keybord.
5. The stick 
6. The divider between keybord and main part of a piano. 
7. Lower edge round the keybord (you can as well use the same long higher edge around the whole card, just lower it around a keybord).

p.s. do not forget to glue everything to a cardstock using strong glue. Leave the back side black paper for the end, as it will cover all glued edges.

Have a good srapping day!

15 October, 2011

Piano card

Hi there!

Here is my other project: a piano card. 
Visit WOC blog for more inspiration from other talented designers. 


- roses 20mm, 15mm and 10mm
- rosebuds 6mm
- gypsophila flowers
- rose leaves

I as well enter the challenge at Card and Scrap #18 where the challenge is to make anything which is not square. Piano is definately non-square, he he... 

Have a great weekend!

10 October, 2011

Hi hi everyone!

Here it comes a Christmas card made for WOC new challenge "Christmas fun". 
I made a card with a matching tag. 

For this card I used from WOC:
- Lace trimming
- Organza rose trimming
- Small pearl brads
- Paper Doillies
- Christmas Wooden shape embelishments
- Lillies
- Divine Twine

For this card I used from Kortgleder:
- MFD015
- MFD037
- MFD035
- Image FEMA004
- Clearstamp Ollie's Music Angel NS-OLO12

Do not forget to participate in Kortgleder's challenge! You can find it right HERE

Have a great day!

03 October, 2011

The Candy Hanger

Hello everyone!

Today is a small project form me - The Candy Hanger - is made for WOC blog. It is a great way to surprise someone with a candy or a small gift. 

I used from WOC:
- Trellis roses 35mm
- Tea roses 25mm
- Roses 15mm
- Rosebuds 4mm
- Tulips
- Carnations
- Lilies
- Cherry blossoms
- Pearl spray
- Large pearl Brads
- Insertion aglaise lace

 Here you can see that I used a large pearl brad to hold a lace. Both beautiful and practical.

Just look at those gorgeous flowers! Stunning, aren't they? I removed pearls from the pearl spray and glued them on flowers - beautiful.

As well I want to remind you that a new challenge started at Kortgleder and this time its is a COLOR PALLETE CHALLENGE. I used a top pallete colors for my project, they are sooooo sunny-autumn-like. Love it!

Have a wonderful day!