24 August, 2009


So, here it is a story about our weekend scrap-meeting. I called it Scrap-pliap-meet, it meens scrapping-talking-meeting, he he... yes, it was sooooo much fun. At the begining we had some chat about different things, but later we were just SCRAPPING!!! Believe it or not! We forgot about coffe and cakes, just scrapping, he he... Here are our working ladies and one little scrapper with his work, isn't he a cutest scrapper ever? ;-)

The funny thing is that I could not find myself in my photos...typical... he he... It seems I was not there, he he...

And what about the scrap-works you may ask... Yes, there was a very productive meeting. It was only few hours long, but there were some things done, he he... But not by me... I was just running around and trying to be a good host, he he... Here is an LO made by Burbulex during the meeting:
And here is LO made by Linulyte:

And of course there was more done, but other works did not get into camera area, he he... Or the host was running too much around instead of making photos, he he...
As that was a really successful and fun meeting, I would like to thank all the girls for participating! 'Aciu' means 'thank you', and I mean it! Here are my small thank-you-cards for girls (names are hidden, they stand just under the 'Aciu'):

I hope there will be more meetings sooooo fun like this one! Thank you girls!

Have a good and creative day!!!

Birthday card and decorated Post-it note block

Hello everybody!!! This weekend I had some guests over for scrap-meeting. It was soooooo fun... I will prepare some photos later...

And here is my present to my dear friend. She is working at office so Post-it notes are the everyday thing. I decorated it for her:
And here is a card for another friend for her birthday. I used stamps from Purple Design, they are sooooo gorgeous! Inside the card I wrote congratulations and wishes on that empty space you can see... I also used a page from a wall calendar with the date of her birthday...
Have a good day!

15 August, 2009

LO Little Boss

Hello there! Before I leave for weekend trip to Stockholm, I would like to show my new creation. It is an LO 'Little boss' made on a paper plate, he he... A photo is made on Christmas, 2007, when Ulrika was only two weeks old. In a text is written: 'you are only 2weeks old, but already enjoying your father's chair. Maybe when you grow up you will become a boss like your father'. Yes yes, she already is a little boss in our family, he he...
Oh yes, a lot of flowers...and a small date is hidding... 12/25-2007...
I love those cute pearls...

Have a good and creative weekend!

13 August, 2009

Coffe filter card, pencils and frames

Hello everyone! I am so happy to come back to blogging and find so many new my blog friends! Hello once more! Hope you will enjoy looking at my new scrap-works ;)

So, it was a hectic but pleasant time for our family - we moved into our new house! We are soooooo happy! Finally I have unpacked all my scrap-things, and now I am even ready to show you some of my new creations...

First is a card from coffe filter. it is dedicated to my friend on her birthday... But I might even appload it to The Vintage Affair for ongoing contest ;)

Here is the card-tag from inside of the card, made also form the coffe filter ;)
And here the tag-card open and here I can write everything I want for my friend - it will be safely hidden :)
The next strage creations are pencils I decorated for two friends for the school start ;)

The title says: 'good luck'

And here is vintage pencil:
And finally, I had two ugly IKEA photo frames and for awhile could not decide what to do with it. But here they are, newly decorated and looking fantastic, aren't they? ;)
They looked like that:
Now vintage photo frame:
And romantic photo frame:
Thank you for visiting and leaving friendly comments! Have a great and creative day!