26 November, 2009

Two minimalistic LOs

Hello everyone! Here I am back with two very simple LOs. I am learning to make minimalistic LOs you see, so here they are, he he...

This one has a title: "Tute my friend". 'Tute' is a name for pecifier is Ulrika's language, he he. She was so used to it, that it was ALWAYS with her, and I mean it ALWAYS... Until this summer, when we lost one, and she survived without it very well.
And here is another LO with title "comfortable on daddy". When Ulrika was a little baby she loved to sleep like that. Once I got a photo of it, although quality is so poor of this photo, but the moment is so preasures.

13 November, 2009

LO "I am 100% all girl"

Here is my new LO "I am 100% all girl". Oh, yes, Ulrika is soooo girlicious! And the more she grows, the more she is pure girlicious!
Oh, I love those whitewashed cardstock and Prima papers, and those cute little mirrors, and those apple tree blossoms...
A small detail in a top corner...
Pure shabby shic... he he...
Have a good and creative weekend all of you!!!

11 November, 2009

LO "Is aukstai toli matau"

Here is my new LO "Is aukstai toli matau" (ang.: "From the high up I see far away"). Just another simple LO. Ulrika likes to sit on daddy's showlders, I guess she likes the view from the top, he he...

10 November, 2009

LO "Naturally pretty"

And here is my new LO "Naturally pretty". Ulrika has that natural beauty that even if she is croling on a floor or her hair are in mess, still she is soooo pretty...

Nothing much to add, just a simple LO.
Have a good and creative day!

Altered caviar box and "Thank you" card

This set is made for Sukkersott challenge #60. I altered the caviar box and made a card next to it with the title: "Thank you" ("Aciu" is in Lithuanian). I didn't use anything special, some flowers from some home design shop, page of an old book, a ribbon from sewing shop and a flax lace. Those cute pearls on the ends are from Panduro.
Caviar box form closer look:
And a card/tag:
Thanks for visiting!

05 November, 2009

Our Little Scrapper

I just could not resist showing you this photo... Accidently I found Ulrika in my scrap room trying to learn how to distress ;) And she will only be 2 years old this December! Amazing!

LO "Pirmas manikiuras"

Here is my simple LO "Pirmas manikiuras" (engl. "First manicure"). Ulrika was only two weeks old, but her nails got soooooo long. Me, as a first-time-mom and having no experience, read that it is better to brush nails than cut it for such a small babies. Now I am laughting at this photo and event itself soooooo much :)

Another interesting thing about this LO, is that I used sewing mashine. Yes yes, I recieved sewing mashine as a present for my soon-to-come birthday! I am soooo happy about it. And of course I wanted to try it on LO. Here is my trial version, he he... So I am sorry for curvy lines or broken threads, he he...

Thank you for stopping by!

LO "D&U" - Let's get shabby challenge #5

And here is my LO "D&U" for Let's get shabby challenge #5. The challenge was to use handmade embelishments. I guess I do not need to say what is that in my LO, he he... Anyway, I used handmade table cloth as a background for my LO. It is soooooo shabby! I just love it!

This picture is made last year in May. Here is my goddaugther Deimante holding my daughter Ulrika on her arms. Therefore the title says "D (for Deimante) & U (for Ulrika)". I love this photo! They are so happy together.
Shabby handmade table cloth with some lace and pearls - perfect combination!

Have a good and creative day!

LO "My first summer" - skissedilla #32

And here is my LO "My first summer". It is made for Skissedilla skisse #32. I love those orchids, butterflies and pearls... It is so fun to remember summer times when its so dark outside...

Christmas cards - the Pink Elephant challenge #39

Hei there! Here I am, preparing for Christmas... I just found The Pink Elephant challenge blog, and simply decided to try it, he he. This week there was a color challenge: Brown, Yellow, Neutrual and color of our choice. Here is my card: brown, yellow, neutrual and Green as color of my choice... Paper from LadyBug and friends, stamps from The purple onion designs. Some distress ink from Ranger and Norwegian forest 'grass', he he...
And inside the rest of a text:
The back view:
And another card, a little bit different... Its a pity you cannot see clearly the yellow gliter on a star and a flower...sorry... Anyway: brown, yellow, neutrual and blue as my choice.

The title is made from some sort of papermass which dries in air. I just tried this technique, so I am not a specialist yet, he he... but I liked the effect and posibilities of this thing. It is covered here by perfect pearls...
I love 3D on my cards and LOs... he he he...
Have a great day!