27 January, 2010

LO "Together"

Hello there! Here is my new LO "Together". It is me and Ulrika in a photo. We were just playing and having fun with a new photo camera when this photo was taken.
Have a good and creative day!

22 January, 2010

LO "Tavo Juokas Muzika Mano Ausims"

LO "Your laughter is music to my ears". Making Memories paper, Hummbles transparency, some ribbons, Mulberry flowers, Thickers alphabet...

Have a good and creative day! Thanks for visiting!

Two simple LOs "Ragiukai" and "Alio"

This LO is very simple, just a lot of stitches, he he... The text says: Ulrika, you are a very cute and good girl, but even for you sometimes horns appear" (this is a saying in Lithuanian language - it means that a child becomes naughty).
LO "Alio" shows what Ulrika loves the most - talking on a phone, he he... especially on daddy's phone, he he... Nothing more to add, photo talks for it self. Paper from Prima, flower from IKEA, some stitches and a cloth from flea market, he he...

Veggbilde "Brigita"

Here is a gift to my Goddaughter Brigita. Above the photo there will be a title - a name Brigita. Simple but from all my heart.

10 January, 2010

LO "Golf"

Here is my new LO "That's how I play golf". Photos are made on a beach in Holmen/Nesbru. That was the first time Ulrika was playing minigolf. Very fast she introduced new rules for playing golf, he he... Have a good and creative day!

07 January, 2010

LO "I see U" - Skissedilla #41

Hello there! Here is my new LO "I seeU" made for Skissedilla skisse #41. This photo is made while we were playing Hide-and-seek game. She was hiding over daddy's at that moment therefore one photo corner is black ... She loves to play it. Ulrika hides and asks as to find her, he he... isn't she cute?

From technical side I used two layers of transparencies, some glitter material from some old dress, lilies from IKEA, and that shabby lace around from flea market, he he... Thanks for stopping by!

04 January, 2010

Three new simple LOs

Hello there! Here I am after a long pause. After holidays its time to come back on track. Let's start slowly with some new simple LOs.

First one is a cold one, he he... "is it cold?" - the title says. I could not make a normal photo of this LO, as the surface of the background paper is shining too much, like a photo surface. "I am angry!" Ulrika is angry not so often. Usually she is a very sweet and nice girl, but sometimes, those rare moments she might be really determined and show that she is not satisfied or she does not like something. As well she knows how to require some things she wants, he he... I am happy to catch this moment in photo!
"I love pepparkakor (ginger bread cookies)". Oh, yes, Ulrika just loves them! And you can see it from the photos, he he... BTW, this is the LO, which was slightly destroyed by Ulrika, he he...she tried to distress it as I did... but this is a thing to remember as well, so let it be, he he...
Have a good and creative day!