24 December, 2012

Blue Christmas card

Merry Chirstmas everyone!!!

With the last Christmas Calendar page in Kortlgeder blog I would like to say to all of you - 


22 December, 2012

Candy bags

Hello there!

Here is my new project for you - candy bags for children in kindergarten. I made 20 bags and Ulrika´s friends were so happy to get a bag with chocolade candies, he he...

And yes, they are so easy to make with NS Christmas tree dies! Today is a 22 day in a Christmas calendar in a Kortgleder´s blog, and here is my contribution to it. 

Have a good and creative day!

10 December, 2012

Christmas candle card

Hello there! 

Here is my new project - Christmas candle card - as a contribution to a Christmas calendar at Kortgleder and a new challenge at WOC. 

From WOC I used:
- poinsettia 
- tea rosebuds
- hip rosebuds
- christmas embellishments snowflakes

From Kortgleder I used:

Have a good and creative day!

05 December, 2012

Christmas Tea For Two

Hello everyone!

Here is my new project: Christmas Tea for Two! I found this inspiration somewhere on internet just wondering around, and could not stop thinking what a perfect gift that would be. And here it is! Hope you will enjoy it!

Kortgleder has an inspirational month with Christmas calendar and today is the 5th day, and this is my contribution to the calendar - a perfect gift for my dear friends on the cold winter nights to warm up with a warm cup of tea. 

Here what I used from Kortgleder:

Have a wonderful winter day!

03 December, 2012

Christmas Decoration From Candy box

Hey there!

Previously I showed you my candy box gift and today I would like to show more of it. 
When candies are gone (and yes, with children they are gone very fast, he he), this box is transformed to a beautiful Christmas decoration with a snowflake inside:

Have a wonderful white winter day!