22 January, 2011

Travel Circle Journal page

Hi there! Here is an album page for circle journal with title Travelling. This circle journal is held by one fantastic person I admire for her bright and warm personality. And, she likes to travel very much, he he. And I mean it - much! She has a blog, where you could read all about her travelling by sitting on Her Cosy Sofa.

As I forgot to take photos before sending it, I borrowed photos from her, he he... She made them after she recieved it :)

Title says: "Visiting places around me". I made a turning compass and chose a photo from my trip to Stochholm.

On the other side is a photo collage, hidden under ribbon bow, he he.
And a small letter to the journal owner hidden under the 'door', he he...
That was an interesting experience! Wish you could try it as well!

20 January, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Hello there!!! Yes, its a beautiful morning! Cold, freezingly cold, but sunny and fresh... Still living with memories about yesterday's amazing evening - opera Jevgenij Onegin were Lenskij was a Lithuanian tenor E.Montvidas! Fantastic! Amazing! Unforgettable!

And here I find even TWO MESSAGES (!) I have got a Stylish Blogger Award! Yuhhuuuuu!!! Unbelievable! The same award twice! Its a double joy, the double happiness. One I recieved from an Auksaranke (English translation: Golden Handed - ant that is very very true! This girl is realy amazingly good in all handworks and crafts). And another one from Agnuze - oh, God, she is so talented in felting! All her works are gorgeous!
But, as everyone knows - its not for 'free', he he... No no, I do not need to pay for it, but have some assigments to do, he he... First, to write 7 truthful and honest things about me... oh oh oh...I am in trouble here :)

But here it comes:
1. I talk a lot! And I mean it - a lot! Especially if I am nervous, emotional, excited or stressed, he he... But then after such a moment I definately need a quiet moment, when I just sit and enjoy the silence... My husband calls it 'stand-by-function' :) and usualy during that silent moment I receive the best creative ideas, he he...

2. Sleeping for me is a necessity. I need to sleep at least 8 hours a night, otherwise I get crumpy and irritated, he he...simply I cannot function without sleep...

3. I am a pure B-person (in Lithuanian we call such a people 'Owls', he he...) Morning is not a good time to work for me, but night is the time when my creativity florishes.

4. Do not like to write letters and messages about nothing... Yes, I know that sometimes its enough to say: "I remember you, I think about you" to the person, but when I need to write bla bla bla in letters, we call it "writing about the weather", he he - oh, its a dissaster for me, he he... Although in general I like to write stories, articles, novels... I like the process of writing but only with the meaningful text. If I have nothing to write, I will write nothing...

5. I like questioning. Yes, I like to question things, and for somebody that might be very annoying (I can see how people get irritated and even angry, he he), I understand, he he... But I cannot let it go if I do not find out everything what is interesting for me. Especially if there is something I am realy interested in, but the same doubtful for me - then I just feel a need to analyze every aspect of it, every detail, and every 'what if...' situation...

6. I like honesty, hate lies. Hate when someone lies into your eyes... I somehow feel when a person is lying to me and that is a terrible experience. I respect a person, who better say: 'sorry, I cannot lie to you so I better say nothing'...

7. And the last but not least - like creative approach to everything. I do not like rules and especially hate when person says: "do like I say (and do not question it because I am right)"... Hmmm... As I always say - truth is a relative thing (even white is not always white) - what is an absolute thuth to one person maybe be a lie to another. I like when there is more than one answer to a problem or question, or more than one problem solution... Therefore I always say: "yes, I understand...BUT..." I like creative approach, creative solutions to everything. If there is a challenge I like the work which would be the 'wow' solution, something different, unexpected... And myself I try to look 'out-of-the-box', and sometimes that puts me in a trouble, he he...

Uff... I guess that was it, he he... But than - I need to pass on my award to 15 (!) other bloggers I follow or like. Hmmm... I wanna pass it on to people I realy like and admire:


Thank you all, for being, for what you are and how you are!

17 January, 2011

Do-it-yourself flowers

Here it comes a new challenge at scrapping.lt with the task to do a flower yourself.

First flower I made form silk paper. On a picture you can see steps how I made it and a final version in a middle.
1. You need a stripe of a silk paper.
2. Fold paper along the stripe. It may be uneven.
3. Crumple as a fan one side of a paper stripe.
4. Cut ut round piece of a carstock paper - that will be the base for a flower.
5. Glue the crumpled side to a middle of the round piece - I used hot gun glue to glue it.
6. Attach the embelishment in the middle of a flower to hide glued part.
7. Form paper flower as you wish it to look.
The second flower was easy to make, he he. Once upon a time I bought a ribbon from Papirloftet, but could not use it anywere. And here it comes a beautiful flower made from this ribbon. In fact, you could easily make such a ribon yourself. Just fold it as a fan and sue it by squeezing alond the side. You just need a firm ribbon to hold the shape.
Good luck! Here is your chance to show what YOU CAN DO!!!

11 January, 2011

LO "Your Hair in the Wind"

A new LO "Your Hair in the Wind" is all about our little princess Ulrika. She has very long hair and likes it when wind is playing in them... so cute...
Have a very good and creative week!

LO "Christmas Day Magic"

Hello there! How are you all doing? Hope you had a very merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year has begun. Yes, new year is here and I am coming back to scrapping as well :) Hopefully without any more long pauses :)

Here is my new LO after a long break. Not much to say, its Christmas time, magical time of the year. it was very difficult to make a photo of this LO. All transparences' details are shining as toys on a Christmas tree when I try to make a nice photo. Finaly I gave up and presenting it as best as I could do it :)
When I saw this Panduro Christmas paper I just fell in love with it - its so gorgeous. Here I used two papers form the block, some transperancy details and a rub-on for a title.

This work perfectly represents scrapping.lt challenge #9. The theme this time was WINTER and the sketch is here:

Its still some time left if you want to participate! Hurry up!