03 June, 2012

Rocking Chair - The Tutorial - WIN A PRIZE!

Hi everyone!

Some time ago during one of my courses one girl asked me if I can make a tutorial of this rocking chair. It took me such a long time - I am so sorry - but here it is. Maybe not the step-by-step tutorial, but template and explanation is following. Hope you all will enjoy it too!

But first, flowers used form WOC:
- Roses 25mm
- Roses 15mm
- Roses 10mm
- Tea rosebuds 
- Rosebuds 4mm

And now let's see how its made:

1. Look at a template and cut out a piece A (body of a chair) from the chart. Dashed line shows were you need to bend/fold a paper, and straight line shows were to cut. Use your edge punch to create nice looking edges. Then bend/fold paper looking at a picture of rocking chair, so you know which way to do it. 

2. Prepare rocking parts of chair legs by cutting out 2 pieces of B detail. Use the edge punch for decoration from both sides of paper. Bend it like it shown on a photo.

3. Prepare legs of a chair. There are two pairs of legs - front (detail D) and back legs (detail C) - holding the rocking part of it. The back legs are a little bit longer than the front legs! Cut paper as it shown and role/fold it very tight into a cylinder shape, glue the edge. 

4. Assemble the chair - glue legs to the chair and the rocking part to the legs of a chair. Decorate as you wish.

Few tips:
- Use thick paper or cardboard paper for chair. Thin paper will not hold the shape of a chair.
- Use hot glue gun or a strong glue for it for strong and stable hold.
- Use text detail (look and a photo were the title is written on a chair 'Til Lykke') as supporting detail to hold a chair together - glue bottom part of a paper to the sitting part and top part to the lean part. 

Good luck and I hope to see your version of a rocking chair! Copy the link of your blog with your rocking chair to the comment field under this post and win a prize-surprise from me! Until 1st of July!

Have a wonderful and creative day!


Audhild said...

Fantastisk, bare helt fantastisk:-)

Angelica said...

Helt underbart snygg!!!

Hilde said...

Fantastisk flott!!

Kylie said...

OMG Hunny! This is amazing! I'm definitely going to give it a go!
Hugs K xx

Eva Gro said...

Den er super nydelig!!! b- Og flott tutorial - denne må nok prøves:-)

Maryann said...

WOUW this is so awesome, what a fantastic idea. I´m definitely going to give it a try. It´s such an amazing idea and a really stunning job, you´ve done here. I so love it.

Sylvia (bettybadger) said...

Beautiful, Thanks so much for sharing.
Sylvia xx

loulou said...

This is absolutely gorgeous and so creative. Thankyou for sharing your template. I will definitely have to try this out, though there is no way I could make anything as beautiful. Cheers Linda

Maryann said...

Okay here´s the link now, where I´m showing my take of your beautiful rockingchair. I hope, you´ll like my version of it. Thanks again so very much for so kindly to share the template here, I really apreciate that, and it was sooo much fun to make these two here. Hope you´ll like them. You can find them here:

June Nelson said...

This is amazing!!!! ou clever clever lady, your work is so beautiful huggies June xxx

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning. Sheila.x UK

Olesia said...

Nuostabus darbas!Fantastiškai profesionalu!Laiminga suradusi bloga :)



deborah said...

c'est superbe.. voici le mien http://debbyscrap.canalblog.com/archives/2012/09/28/25203891.html
debbyscrap de france

LOLO said...

realy wonderfull
and thank for the tuto
when I make it i ll send you a photo
kiss lolo

Ines said...

I made it :D http://ineskowo.blogspot.com/2012/10/monohromatycznie-z-lekka-domieszka.html
Thanks so much for sharing :)