22 January, 2011

Travel Circle Journal page

Hi there! Here is an album page for circle journal with title Travelling. This circle journal is held by one fantastic person I admire for her bright and warm personality. And, she likes to travel very much, he he. And I mean it - much! She has a blog, where you could read all about her travelling by sitting on Her Cosy Sofa.

As I forgot to take photos before sending it, I borrowed photos from her, he he... She made them after she recieved it :)

Title says: "Visiting places around me". I made a turning compass and chose a photo from my trip to Stochholm.

On the other side is a photo collage, hidden under ribbon bow, he he.
And a small letter to the journal owner hidden under the 'door', he he...
That was an interesting experience! Wish you could try it as well!


jacque4u2c said...

Gorgeous work as always. Love the details and color combo.

Natalija Brancevičienė said...

Suuuuuper :D O as kankinuos, kaip i viena puslapi sudeti kelioniu nuotraukas:P O cia - vieeeens, ir visos sudetos:)

Neringa said...

Ačiū už tokį gražų manęs pristatymą, net susikuklinau. O dar labiau ačiū už tokį šaunų skrebuką. Tik aš, tikra varna, nu ne kitaip, pradėjau jį žiūrėti nuo kito galo :oD