18 July, 2009

Hurray hurray! Today is my lucky day! I received an award!

This most beautiful award I received from Ruth aka Altered Geisha! This is a very surprising for me. I adore Ruth's work and I am honored that she even looks at my blog! If you need an inspiration - look at Ruth blog! You gonna find sooooo much to learn or just get some good ideas from. Actually, I would love to give this award back, but I guess it is not allowed, he he...


And... I guess now it is my time to reward someone, he he...

I would love to give my reward to my dear friend, my buddy, my soulmate - Rasa, but... she has no blog... I guess I will have to wait with that then, he he...

So, I would like to award - Lene aka Nabon! Her scrapworks are my inspiration and her personality is fantastic! Only after courses with Lene I let myself and my creativity free, then I have got so much positive energy and inspiration, I learnt soooooo much and I feel my works got soooooo much better after that! As for a beginner that was my breaking point to a new, more creative way of scrapbooking. THANK YOU FOR THAT! I just hope she will accept this award. As for me it would be an honor if she just looks at my works ;)

And another award I would like to give to Pia. Her blog and her works are soooo beautiful (look at those gorgeous boy's LOs! She is so good in that!), and she is always peaking at my blog to see the news, he he... I feel she is with me and my blog from the beginning and always.

And now some rules, he he... By accepting this award you agree to display this award proudly on your site and include a post link back to the giver. Share this award with a few other people or as many as you would like.

Have a good and creative weekend!


Tosk said...

Sveikinu braske!!!

Lene - nabon said...


Selvsagt tar jeg i mot! Tusen takk for utrolig koselige ord!

Awarden er sendt videre! Ačiū nok en gang! hehe