13 July, 2009

Gift box

Hei alle sammen! And here is my new project - a gift box. It still has no recipient, he he... Is there anyone who would like to get it? ;-)
View from the top. Just a few flowers and feathers, and this cute vintage journaling round circle from Narratives.
A view from the front. This is an opening part of the box.
And a view from the back of the box. I love that stamp "made especially for you".
And here is a view from under the box to the opening. I attached two magnets - it is easier to open and close a box in this way, he he...


Tosk said...

Tai nerimsti? :D Tavo galvoj tiek ideju... Kartai baltu pavydziu tau tavo fantazijos. Manoji tiek nenesa :D

Nena said...