10 June, 2009

Here is my new LO "Butterfly kisses". The last sunday was Lithuanian Daddy's Day. As we are an international family, we are trying to celebrate all special days. Yeap, there are a lot of days to celebrate, he he... So, this LO is for my dear husband, my daugther's daddy.
In the corner under the "kisses" a small pocket is hiding with a letter with a poem in it. The poem is takken from the song "Butterfly kisses" (if you click on it, you can hear the song).


pia iris said...

rørende nydelig, en prinsesseLO.

Tosk said...

Kaip man patiko sitas LO. Svelnutis, spalvos tokios mergaitiskos. Labai sauniai sugalvojai laiskiuka paslepti ir jo galiuka panaudoti ir kaip pavadino daly. SUPER! Sis tavo LO vienas is mano favoritu!