30 June, 2009

Album from pizza packages

Hello there! Here is my new project, he he... My current album got sooooooo big that I decided to remove 10 folders from it. But then I had a challenge where to put those 10 folders left with old LOs. The inspiration came when I saw two pizza packages I brought from Sweden, he he... They were exactly the size I needed! Here is the result - my new scrap-album.
As I said before I took tops of the pizza packages for covers, from outside I used some soft material to make a soft feeling when touching. I covered it with flax material from Ålliens shop, added some flax ribbon and flax braid, and wooden accessories... Simple as it is. Inside I used the stripe from 'old' album, glued it to the surface. I had no metal rings, so used some flax braid to tie folders with LOs in.
And here are pizza packages before using it, he he...
Have a good and creative day!


Ruth said...

Wonderfully creative......don't ya just love pizza boxes I use them for everything.....I bet your layouts look fab in here!

Tosk said...

Tu fantastiska!!! Kokia ideja!!! Zaviuosi tavo fantazija!!!
Gal paskolinsi man kiek savo isradingumo? ;P

pia iris said...

så kreativ bruk av pizzaesker da.
du er skikkelig flink altså.


smagumelis, ne as viena albumu gamyba uzsiemusi, bet as tai pastrigau :( , niekaip tu 3D ziedu mechanizmo neimontuoju, vis nerandu LT tinkamo aukscio kniedziu :(

Sesė said...

Nepaprastai gražu. Ačiū už geras emocijas.