18 April, 2009

Letter in a bottle

Hello there! Here is my new project - letter in a bottle. It was sent to the person I do not know on a letter SWAP. Yes, it was realy difficult to write a letter to a person I do not know, but it was fun although challenging to do this project. The main idea was to write a letter and to send it, but I wanted o do it more interesting, more exciting! So, here it is. I hope that person will like it, he he... Otherwise, she can send it back to me, he he..

Inside of a bottle there was such a letter hanging on a thread.

That's how the letter looks from a closer look. This is a simple paper I use for printing. I used distress ink from Ranger (Tim Holtz) to make it look like very old. The begining of a text I covered as it is a little bit personal, he he.


Tosk said...

WOW!!!! Na ir laiskas!!! Fantastika!!!

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

WOW!!! Can you imagine receiving that or finding it washed up on a beach!! It's amazing!!!!

Thankyou so much for joining my new challenge blog...I have posted your gorgeous layout and put it on my normal blog I hope you don't mind.

Love Ruth xxx