11 April, 2009

Hello again! Today decided to uppload some of my recent scrapp-works. This one is my first trial version of Shaby Chic style. Most of my LO's are in my native language, but I will try to translate it. The title is 'I am standing'. This picture is made when Ulrika was standing for the first time only holding mommy's hands. She was so proud of her self!

Oh, this picture reminds me of a wonderful moment - Ulrika's first real smile! And not only the smile, but a laugh! It was the second-month-birthday and daddy bought Baby Bjørn chair. From the moment Ulrika sit in it she started to smile, then laugh aloud. It was so wonderful! So, the title of this LO is 'The first real smile'. This LO is done on Transparency from Prima. It is real fun to work on transparencies!

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