26 November, 2009

Two minimalistic LOs

Hello everyone! Here I am back with two very simple LOs. I am learning to make minimalistic LOs you see, so here they are, he he...

This one has a title: "Tute my friend". 'Tute' is a name for pecifier is Ulrika's language, he he. She was so used to it, that it was ALWAYS with her, and I mean it ALWAYS... Until this summer, when we lost one, and she survived without it very well.
And here is another LO with title "comfortable on daddy". When Ulrika was a little baby she loved to sleep like that. Once I got a photo of it, although quality is so poor of this photo, but the moment is so preasures.


Miele said...

Jau gyriau, bet pasikartosiu... Tau sekasi net ir beveik minimalistiniai skrebukai ;) O gėlytės pakeri net ir čia ;)

Tosk said...

Kai tu man juos atvezei, jie labai nustebino. Tai juk ne visai tavo stilius;) Bet jie nuostabus!!! Net negaleciau pasakyti, kuris man grazesnis. Jie abu puikus. Ech... Gaila negalima komentaruose visokiu buckiu ir sirduciu deti :D