13 August, 2009

Coffe filter card, pencils and frames

Hello everyone! I am so happy to come back to blogging and find so many new my blog friends! Hello once more! Hope you will enjoy looking at my new scrap-works ;)

So, it was a hectic but pleasant time for our family - we moved into our new house! We are soooooo happy! Finally I have unpacked all my scrap-things, and now I am even ready to show you some of my new creations...

First is a card from coffe filter. it is dedicated to my friend on her birthday... But I might even appload it to The Vintage Affair for ongoing contest ;)

Here is the card-tag from inside of the card, made also form the coffe filter ;)
And here the tag-card open and here I can write everything I want for my friend - it will be safely hidden :)
The next strage creations are pencils I decorated for two friends for the school start ;)

The title says: 'good luck'

And here is vintage pencil:
And finally, I had two ugly IKEA photo frames and for awhile could not decide what to do with it. But here they are, newly decorated and looking fantastic, aren't they? ;)
They looked like that:
Now vintage photo frame:
And romantic photo frame:
Thank you for visiting and leaving friendly comments! Have a great and creative day!


Monica said...

Wow! What a fun idea to use coffe filters! :-) You always do such lovely things. A huge ispiration :-)

jacque4u2c said...

NO WAY!!!! How awesome - a coffee filter! Just fantastic!

Congrats on your new home!

Agneja said...

Oj, Loriete, nu tu ir turi geru ideju!!!;) man labai patiko piestukai! atrodo kas tas piestukas, o va papuostas jau gali buti puiki dovana! labai grazu..;)

Tosk said...

Tavo fantazija neissenkanti!!! Ypatingai suzavejo kavos filtro panaudojimas.

badloi said...

wow..nice blog....wonderful art....and a cute baby...hehehhe .. love it...

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adlai said...

nice art.

adlai said...

very fascinating design you have created, love it.keep it up. you have a terrific hands, thanks for sharing it to us. love your post.