01 May, 2009

Skissedilla skisse #5

Here is my LO for Skissedilla skisse #5. For those who do not understand Swedish, the title says: "I am thinking". The poem in this LO says:
Why sun is shining
And mamma's so warm?
Why rain is raining
And pappa's so tall?
Why flower's so nice
And ball is so round?
Why's so much surprise
All around?

This poem I created myself. I am sorry for mistakes - that was my first poem in english :)

Have a good and creative day!


pia iris said...

utrolig nydelig, og fult av lekre detaljer.
et nydelig bilde og et vers som passet godt til hele LOen.
ha en flott helg.

HegeAL said...

Kjemenydelig! Og nydelig dikt.

Takk for at du deltar!

Katrine said...

Nydelig LO! Lekre detaljer!

Gladie said...

Fantastisk nydelig!

Tosk said...

Vaje, kaip laukiu, kada galesiu isnagrineti ta papuosimu ratuka gyvai! Myliu, kuomet darbely reikia nagrineti vos ne po milimetra.